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2004 Chrysler Pacifica Question: Had new tires installed. Ever since " service tire system" message has been on.

Before the new tire install I got periodic messages of low tire pressure one tire at a time as needed. Mostly with lower temp changes. Always remedied with proper tire inflation. I should add that " service tire system" message remains even with proper inflation pressure. Can this system be damaged during a tire change ? Where should I start to fix this problem. I'm pretty sure my Pacifica was built June 03. -
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Reply here for more info.... I'm tired of giving answers and getting NO response!!!... (IF you still need an answer that is...) -
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I still need the answer. -
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Sorry, folks usually do not reply.... Check the spare tire also! If problem persist, have a scan test performed to check data on the TPMS. -
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I just happened to check pressure of spare. Was OK. I'm taking your advice and scheduling a scan test. Thanks -
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One of the sensors most likely is the problem... Repair shop OR tire store/shop should be able to fix it right up! -
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Thanks for the follow up. -
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Sounds like your tire sensors are disconnected, or bad. Most places try to replace all these sensors when they mount new tires; but you don't have to. -