2005 Nissan Altima Q&A

2005 Nissan Altima Question: had my car in the shop for over two months. Cranks but one start.

The guy changed a sensor, it worked for one day, then it will not start. I had a radiator leak about 2 years ago. Put some stop leak in it, but when I went to pick up my car in December, it overheated, noticed milky oil. Mechanic supposedly changed heads, still would not crank, replaced a sensor, cranked and started one day, but the next day nothing. What could it be -
Answer 1
Which sensor was changed, and is engine light on now. -
Comment 1
He never said what sensor it was. He said he put in on, it started and then the next day nothing. The check engine light is still on. -
Comment 2
Could it have been the crank or cam sensor. Need to know. -
Comment 3
crank sensor -
Comment 4
Ok the cam sensor needs to be replace at the same time as the crank. The computer on that one does not diferrenciate between the two. IT reads both as the same. Hope that helps for now. -