had dealer replace upper hose and less than 20 miles, overheats and now need on 2006 BMW 530i

a engine, is the dealer responsible, since they tested the system and now the engine is blown?

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Was it out of coolant? Did you have any indication the engine was getting HOT? Maybe a gauge or a light warning you that something wasn't right? What happened to the orignial hose, did it blow out, leak or was it replaced as P.M.? Need more info.
the light came on an I open the hood and found coolant over the engine. towed to dealer, pick it up 2 days later, drove home and on my way back to town, all the lights came on, oil, then coolant, I pull over, tow it again, and oil was in the radiator. remove it from the dealer, had the coolant reservoir replaced and the oil back in the radiator, engine blow head gasket.. tech says replace engine
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depends on invoice and what is stated. were there any disclaimers in the note section
they did the battery cable connection campaign and changed the onupper radiator hose from coolant and replaced hose and bleed system charged $358.74 didn't drive car had 105825 In and 105826 out, I drove less than 20 miles. lights come on I stop tow it back and oil in the radiator, took it away had the coolant reservoir replace and oil still in radiator, head gasket blown, tech says replace engine