guages on 1993 Chrysler Concorde

papa while driving all the guages and speed odometer fuel gage ,temp guage rpm, all shut down it still runs

by in Las Animas, CO on June 21, 2011
0 answers
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I purchased this car second hand two weeks ago everything was in working order. Now the guages for gas, speed, rpm, and thermostat are not working.
car halts and whines upon take off or during driving - the r p m guage jumps up quite far -- transmission clutch?
it blows heat for a minutr then ice cold air temg guade is higher then normal when blowing heat and in red when not
2 days later, the instrument panel gauges stopped working. the heat comes on automatically, took out the 25 fuse for blower motor, but heat stays on anyway and the gas, rpm speedometer, engine heat...
The car turns over, so the battery, alternator, and starter are fine, and we just replaced the spark plugs, but now it won't start. We think it is the fuel filter, but we are not sure, how can you ...

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