gsum to Greg's Auto...more on Heat Up Issue on bimmer on 1991 BMW 525i

Greg's Auto...Question about total check of coolant system outlined yesterday in my request for help...I replied today to your suggestion about hydracarbons in system...I ment to
ask you about the lack of heat up to the system's Rad return
hose. System totally in play...ran engine to operating temp...about 210...checked the top feeder rad was about normal temp...Checked Rad return no heat. However, when I disconect the return hose and run engine coolant flows through hose and heats up as the temp goes up
in the engine while running...THE RAD RETURN HOSE REMINING
COOL TO THE TOUCH HAS BE COURIOUS. Also, as noted in my first
scream for HELP...With cooling system totally hooked up and the engine off...I opened the Rad Cap...squeez the feeder hose and it forces coolant out of the cap opening...I squeezed the lower return hose...the same happens it forces coolant out the Rad Cap as well....That tells me that the return hose and radiator are not blocked...Right or Wrong.


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did you double ck thermostst for proper installtion?
Hi again Greg's Auto...

Yes...I've put two new thermos and 2 w-pumps in just to make sure about what's really the
heat up issue...Yes, both times the stat was installed correctly...Right now I am running with NO thermostat. The reason for that is been doing total flushing of the Rad-motor...bleeding system and trying to see how it runs...No good...still hot in 1 mile. Will do the old timer's check in the morning...From Cold start up i will check the feed and return hoses to see if they hardin up right away...That usually implies or hints a a bad headgasket...Tonight as I was putting the torch in the garage...I left the rad cap off and started the engine...coolant came to the top level...flowed evenly out the top...NO gush or giser blows...In days of old that is how we first checked to see if headgasket was bad...Right now...does not look that way...But, after all that I've done so far...I can't help but think the gasket is the issue...hmm. Again, oil is clean and void of coolant...Still can't get over the re-rad hose runing soooooo cool when car is at operating temp????

Thanks so much for all your input and help...
sounds like slight head gasket leak or crack in head to me
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