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1991 Ford Tempo Question: ground wire

HI,We just replaced the tranny and had to just about remove the whole engine also, well got it done and know it wont start, we thing it the ground wire need to know where it goes. we mounted on the firewall and engine already and nothing, we think it might connect to the tranny somewhere, it was just so much work we didnt think to pay attention to that, also we had the starter tested and it fine. so if anyone knows where the battery ground go please let me know. and if there might be something else it could be. Thank you, 1991 ford tempo gl, with a Atx transmission -
Answer 1
the battery ground wire is to be connected on one of the bolts in the bell housing. (where the engine and transmission bolts together. try that first should take care of your problem -
Comment 1
Hi, will try that and let you know what happened. Thank you for responding -
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