groaning noise when turning on 2000 Pontiac Grand Prix

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My car has been making a groaning noise when I turn, especially a hard turn toward the left. I did a little research and tried adding power steering fluid (which was, indeed, very low). It seemed to do the trick, but now it keeps happening.

I'm planning to take it in but I'm wondering what could be the problem other than a leaking power steering fluid reservoir, because I see no fluid and the level isn't bad because I've added fluid now at least three times. It's a little lower each time, but not rock bottom.

Any advice would be appreciated. The sound also seems to be happening faster each time (so after I add a little more fluid, it goes away but comes back more and more quickly).
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If the problem is disappearing after adding fluid, then the low fluid level is probably the cause of the noise. The leak can occur at the reservoir, power steering pump, steering rack, or hoses.
If you don't see any signs of leakage, then the steering rack may be leaking. What happens is that the steering rack seals leak and the fluid is trapped in the steering rack boots, and it won't leak onto the ground.

Keep the fluid level up to the appropriate level so you don't damage the pump and get it checked out.
sounds like power steering going out
With the 3.0L V6 it can be either steel or aluminum. The 24V DOHC V6 will have an aluminum oil pan and I believe the 24V engine was only available on the LX trim line (there are usually badges to denote the 24V duratec engine). The older style 3.0 (pushrod engine) has a steel