Grinding/ Squeeking sound out of the front driver side on 2005 Ford F-150

Recently this has gotten worse but when driving at lower speeds every once in a while I hear a loud Grinding squeeling gear sounding noise out of the Driver Sid Wheel. At first I thought it maybe Ice built up or debris between rim and rotor, after I checked it out the noise went away. Scare Tactic in my book however today it rose it's ugly face again and probably did this 10 times todays and suprisingly the only solution to make it shut up was to turn the 4 Wheel Drive on and off in the same motion. I can't help but wonder if this has to do with my Drive shaft. What do you think and what pricing are we looking at? Hopefully my Warranty is still valid. Thanks.

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I'm wondering if you have a front hub making noise. Perhaps it is not disengaging fully after using the 4x4. You definitely have a good clue there with turning it on and off in the same motion. I hope your warranty is valid too!
I know that in the past when engaging my 4 wheel drive it takes a minute and "cluncks" in when it engages however with the noises recently I don't believe that I've had the 4X4 engaged. It just disappears when I do engage it , and actually tonight I left the 4X4 on after the onset of the noise to see what happened and the noise soon returned, so I turned off the 4X4 and then on again and it disappeared only to happen later on in the night. It doesn't seem to happen at higher speeds of 55+ only around 40- do I notice it. Thanks for the support.
It's an odd deal, but a physical inspection will probably turn up an obvious cause. When you turn the 4x4 on and off, it changes the load even for a moment at the wheels - and anything could be happening. You could have a wheel bearing problem, and this action changes the load for moments, and it changes the noise. Hard to say without inspection. Good luck!
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Could be possible brakes or hub bearing?