grinding sound from area of timing belt? on 1990 Toyota Celica

I have a 1988 celica st 2.0L engine and had the timing belt replaced last year. Recently I was told it was the bearings on the ac compressor going out... but also was told that the timing belt jumped timing ...

It shows 25degrees now and should be @ 10degrees

What is making the grinding like spinning sound of metal and if the belt is loose is that where the sound is from/

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The timing belt replacement includes the tensioner. if it wasn't replaced too, that could be the problem. I know mechanics that do timing belts, but don't bother with the tension pulley. Also, oil or grease that got on the belt when it was replaced is bad. Timing belts are very easily destroyed by the littlest bit of oil or grease. A tooth or two could have broken off because of that. This is not easy to diagnose....the cover has to come off and the belt/pulleys have to be inspected.

Hope this helps
I had someone inspect the belt last night and it was fine and the sound they think was the bearings from the water pump.