Grinding noise left front wheel on 2004 Ford Explorer

About a month ago I started hearing a grinding noise coming from the left front wheel area and could also feel vibration in steering wheel. I replaced Hub and bearings but that wasn't the problem. Have any ideas?

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i know exactly what your problem is. its the transfer case, there is a chain inside the case that has stretched and is rattling against the case. My ford is being serviced today for that. it is NOT good to be driving it, the chain can crack your transfer case, thus destraining your transmission. have it checked it asap, best quote i got for service is $759 not including parts.
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really need to put your car on a rack and then duplicate the problem with a good diagnostic tech present. it could be so many things. I assume that the brakes are in really good shape, including the rotors?
Had brakes and rotors changed about two months ago.
have 2007 LuCerne with "Continental" tires........Dealer has a bulletin on tire noise fix. Take tires off rims, clean wheels, lubricate rim, replace tires. This fixes the problem for about 2 weeks! It is a known problem that is commom with the "Continental" tires! I just came back from my dealer and am waiting for a call. They lubed my tires about a month ago...lasted two weeks. The best way to test this is to put 50 lbs. of pressure into both front tires, if it is the tires, the noise will dissapear.
Technician at Dealer showed me this, and he was right!
Yes, this noise does sound like grinding brake pads!!!!!
Changed the brakes was not it, I believe it is the front tie rod gone bad. Starts to wind up and gets worse when you turn the wheel left.
have you checked the axle? if it gets worse when you turn it that would be my guess