grinding noise in left front on 1993 Jeep Grand Cherokee

I had a grinding noise start in the left front wheel area about a week ago. Was told it was probably a wheel bearing, so that has been replaced but the noise is still there and getting louder. It increases with your speed and stops when you stop. What could it be?

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Might seem simple, but have you checked the tire for abnormal wear? "Cupping" or high and low spots on the tire at any point can cause the noise you describe.

Also, is your vehicle a 4x4? There may be other components involved that are rotational that can become noisy.
my 1995 jeep was doing the same thing and i was told to change me spindle bearing in my front pumpkin i havent tryed it yet but will let you know when i do
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if it is four wheel drive it could be an axle u joint or cv joint ,if it makes a clicking sound when turning the wheels while in four wheel drive that would be my first check