Grinding noise from front wheel on 2000 Mitsubishi Montero Sport

I have a grinding noise coming from my front right wheel when the car is moving forwards. Any ideas what that might be? Wheel bearings perhaps?

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Does the noise change when braking? If so, how?
The noise does change, when you come to a complete stop the noise finally stops. The grinding seems to start when you hit a bump. I'm a somewhat of a decent mechanic, for sure it is not the brakes, changed the wheel bearing, for got the differential bear. I don't think CV, as there is no clicking when you turn either way. any other ideas.
Did you find what was causing this? I have the same problem/symptoms occuring with my Montero Sport.
Just replace the pads with a quiet and low dust quality pads and now grinding noise when applying sudden braking.
What's the problem?