grinding noise and vibration on 2002 Mini Cooper

A grinding noise can be heard as soon as the car moves forward. Also a vibration is felt but only when accelerating in 4th and 5th gear (there is no vibration in 1st, 2nd or 3rd gears and accelerating does not appear to be an issue). Vibration stops after reaching a steady speed in 4th or 5th or foot is off gas pedal. Grinding noise and vibration may or may not be related. Additionaly, the clutch was replaced 2.5yrs ago and there is no difficulty changing gears up or down what so ever. Brake rotors may need to be resurfaced/replaced; however, braking does not appear to be a problem at this time. Could the vibration indicate a transmission problem? Thank you for any suggestions and/or advice.

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possible transmission issue.
Thank you... even though that wasn't what I wanted to hear. Maybe it's time for a new car... :-)
sorry to hear that...but minis are so over-rated...and under-powered...and always in need of repairs.
Mini was a nice girl but had to let go.... new girlfriend now, Mazda3 :-)