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Gray's Auto Upholstery
December 29, 2014

I own a 1966 Studebaker Cruiser. I needed the headliner replaced, plus front and rear windows with new gaskets. I provided all materials. Gray was very friendly and has great stories of Sonoma county and his experience with automobiles. Even said he worked for the last Studebaker dealership in Sonoma county. The price for headliner was about what other shops were quoting. The Window install was a bit more expensive than others. His plus - he would do all this in my driveway, at my home.Very convenient. His knowledge of headliner replacement was very good. He was very good with mounting the windows in their new rubber seals. I assisted in the install of the windows - not an easy trick. Big problem - He did not caulk or use sealant where it is needed to completely seal the gaskets. I paid him full price, he guaranteed the work to be leak free.I even gave him an heirloom pair of upholstery shears from my family - after all, he was a nice guy. Until the very first rain - the windows leak like sieves. Water poured through the corners of the windshield, dumping water over the electrical connections under the dash. The rear window leaked a lot of water into the rear seat and trunk area. I called him - He said he would be able to fix when the rain stopped and he could dry out the gaskets to inject silicone sealant. He even offered to have the car put in his shop to apply heat lamps and dry out the interior. Three weeks later, I call again and ask if he will please put the car in his shop to complete the job. He asked "where is it leaking again?" And, "do you have the tools to inject the sealant, and do you have the sealant?" Okay - he was to pick the car up the next day. Two weeks later - no sign, no response. He does not honor his word - do not be conned by this scam artist. I didn't think his generation was so lacking in integrity. But I was wrong. DO NOT HIRE THIS PERSON. HIS WEBSITE IS TOTAL SCAM. I am out money and have no recourse to have the work done correctly - once he has his cash, that is the last you will see of him. His is nothing but 'LIP SERVICE'

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