Gray finish on interior door pulls, glove box and center console on 1998 Mercedes-Benz SLK230

Is there anything that can be done to touch up the peeling finish on these interior surfaces? The dealership does not seem to know of anything that can be done to reair the worn finishes.

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All you have to do is go to a body shop. As you know with soft vinyl is usually two tone, with black dash but secondary colored vinyl on instrument side of dash and console to match your leather seats. It is usually painted gray or other color as the dash is manufactured as all black, and they paint the secondary color onto the black, so when the paint is scratched or gouged from use, it leaves a lifted spot on the soft vinyl. We had local body shop air brush the vinyl console and ignition/stereo area the exact same color grey as manufactured. It looks brand new inside. The body shop has the color codes for all makes and models and will be able to match your other vinyl perfectly.
I need my 98 slk 230 painted grey inside as costly was it?
Go to English they have the exact color matches for SLK 230 interiors. Mine 99 is dark gray, almost black, and it matched perfectly.........