got the fan motor on 1997 Mercury Cougar

ok got fan motor off and other one on, hoping when I go check the plug it was the reason it didn't start last night. Where is the relay or controller for this on the engine???

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Do you mean that the car would not start or that the fan would not start? The fan should not make the car not start.

It sounds like the controller for the fan(s) isn't working properly. The best way to deal with this is to scan the data stream from the Engine Computer and see if the Computer is trying to turn on the fan(s). Also it would be good to see if the fan is seeing the real temperature of the Engine. Typically a modern car will turn on the cooling fan(s) at a pretty high temperature, like 210 degrees F or even a bit higher. If you could have someone watch these data events, then you will know whether the fan is getting the correct ON signal from the computer and the relay/box controller is not turning on the fans or what.
Car cranked & ran fine, fan motor still never came on, let the engine get way up on temp gauge, maybe should have more patience & let it get hotter. I did have the heater full blast also