Got locked out on 2006 Volkswagen Jetta TDI

This evening I opened the car to wipe dirt off the headlights. I unlocked it with the keyless clicker, got out a tissue and closed the door to wipe dirt off the headlamps. After wiping the first lamp the car locked itself leaving me outside with the keys sitting on the passenger seat. I was told this couldn't happen; is this normal? I know this car will lock itself if you don't open a door within a timeframe, but I opened the car and sat down in it before getting out to wipe the lights down. Suggestions? Is there some type of setting I can fix or adjust? Good thing I'm in the auto club! This is a US Spec car; I'm in Germany but will use a Fl zipcode so this message will fly.

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Yes it is normal. The key is (pun) that you didn't leave the door open when you went out to wipe the headlights off.
some guy if you read the orginal question the door was't left open. He got out and then closed the door.
Some guy, if you read what KDO wrote, He did close the door when he got out. The security system did what it was supposed to do.

KDO you'll find out that what you did was what the car is supposed to do.
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no its not normal. it could be the car never saw the door open. do you get a door open warning on the dash when that particular door is open? you belong to the german auto club?
the door locks relock if no door is opened after 2 minutes. if the door pin switch or wiring is bad it would not have seen the open signal that would "block" the relock of the car. the normal operation is doors lock at a speed of approx 12 mph, unlock when key is removed. if the dash has a door open indicator my suggestion was "does it show a door open when the door that was used is open"? i did not imply the door was still open, just the car never saw the signal.
once a door opens the auto lock should not "time-out" and relock the car. you also can not lock a drivers door while it is open. both are built in safety features to prevent lock-out. this is explained in the owners manual. even KDO says word for word "I know this car will lock itself if you don't open a door within a timeframe". but what if the car never saw the door open signal from the pin switch???
I had to wait a while but the German auto club (ADAC) came right out and got me in. Like I wrote earlier, I opened the car sat down in it maybe a minute to get some tissues out of the console and then went outside. I'll be due for maintenance in a month or so and I'll mention it to the dealer. One thing for sure, I won't do it again. Knock wood!!
had it happen once after i put key in ign. freaky huh?....good to carry the valet key as extra...has not done it since ...still ...there is a flaw..conditions have to be just right...door sensor?