got engine light and burning too much gas on 2008 Honda Civic

recently my civic 08cuoupe starts showing engine light since then its burning too much gas. it took it to auto zone i got this code p0171 bank1 system too lean. i really done know what to do? i need to fix engine light and solve gas burning problem whats the best way????

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Good advice from both people that replied. Start with the basis, tune up the engine , spark plugs, check for vacuum leaks, make sure the valves have been adjusted or low intake manifold vacuum makes for incorrect MAP sensor voltage resulting in a rich mixture, check O2 readings and have things logically tested before jumping to conclusions as to what may be wrong. Clean fuel injectors, proper coolant temperature sensor readings and thermostat operation is important as well.
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What is happening is the computer system is trying to compensate for the lean condition that it is seeing. Lean means not enough fuel, so it is trying to increase the fuel where it thinks that it is lean. Best to get the check engine light taken care of and the engine will go back to using less gas. You should take the car into a shop so they can further diagnose the check engine light.
where is the place place to take care of it?
replace the air filter and the pcv give us a call an let me know.443-467-6662