Got a radiator leak. Can this be fixed or the radiator must be replaced? on 2007 Ford Explorer

How much should the typical mechanic charge? Is it cheaper to have a dealer do it?

by in Los Banos, CA on July 10, 2011
2 answers
ANSWER by on July 10, 2011
Depends on how bad the leak is. Does there appear to be a lot of corrosion around the edges of the radiator or near the leak area? Really it can go either way. Your best bet is to locate a radiator shop near you and take it in. They will be able to be more specific.
ANSWER by on July 10, 2011
It's probably cheaper in the long run and for reliability to replace the radiator. On a 2WD it's a 2.7 hour labor operation to replace the radiator. I would say $200 to $300 for a radiator $25 for antifreeze/coolant.

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