Got a new battery. Battery light comes on then goes off. Lights cut off then on on 1995 Ford Crown Victoria

95 Ford Crown Victoria. Battery light came on. Bought a new battery. After driving for awhile battery light cuts on and off. Radio, heater, and lights keep cuting on and off. When I step on the gas after sitting at a red light, the lights come back on then cut off. My car has not cut off yet. I also haven't had problems starting it yet sence the battery. Before the new battery when the car has been sitting for awhile I had to step on the gas so it wouldn't cut back off. Is this wiring, alternator, or something else?

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It sounds like you may have an internal alternator problem than in turn is causing the charge light to flicker. Check the connections at the battery and alternator to ensure they are clean and secure. If the light does come on with the engine running hand brake applied car in park, check the voltage across the battery it should be 14.7 volts approx if it is 12.6 volts or less the alternator is not charging ,strike the alternator if the voltage immediately raises toward 14.7 volts the alternator has an internal fault.
Thank you, it was the alternator. I got a used part and someone to fix it for $60. I also Have another question. Sometimes when I start the car I have to push on the gas so it wont cut off. What is that problem?
I have tried this. The alternator and battery have been replaced. The alernator is not charging the battery. Would you say this has to be wiring??
BAd alternator plug where it connects to the alternator the plastic one.