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Goodyear Auto Service Center
April 21, 2014

My review is filled with woe, extortion, and bitter disappointment. This is my story:

I had the untimely misfortune to have my vehicle break down while passing through Cranberry Township during Easter weekend. Left with no other viable alternatives, I called for the tow truck to come and retrieve me and my broken down vehicle. The driver of said tow truck recommended this local Goodyear shop, based on a number of merits: mutual trust, positive reviews and a close proximity.

I was in a desperate state of mind (having your vehicle break down the day before Easter tends to have that effect), so I was inclined to trust the kind stranger. I cheerfully dropped my vehicle off in to the waiting hands of the Goodyear staff, who appeared to be professional and well-adjusted individuals. I told them my problem (the starter was fried) and they said they would jump right on it. Those are relatively easy to fix , said the helpful Goodyear man. Filled with hope, I left my sad little vehicle in their hands.

That was a decision I would soon come to regret.

Taking advantage of my desperate situation and out-of-town plates, the Goodyear staff managed to rack up a truly impressive repair bill. For a $120 part and one hour worth of labor, they courageously presented me with a bill for $556. Little did I know that one hour worth of Goodyear labor was so valuable! $400 per hour! I was shocked to recognize that my puny vehicle was in the hands of such skilled masters of the auto mechanic world.

Don’t bother asking the manager to explain to you why they charged you so much for a simple procedure. They merely shrug their shoulders and say “Eh, that’s just what it costs.” How informative!

I drive an older vehicle (a 2001) with a high mileage, and it tends to require more than regular maintenance, so I am not unfamiliar with the business of auto repair. For a $120 part (a starter) and one hour of labor, (let s generously assume that it was billed at $90), not to mention an equally generous mark up of 50%, I was prepared to spend somewhere between $250 to $300.

But a bill for $556? On a starter replacement? That is patently absurd, if not downright extortion.

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