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We are a diesel repair shop specializing in VW TDI's however we work on all diesels! Jeep, Dodge, Chevy, Ford, Mercedes and Hummer.

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Good Guys Diesel
December 13, 2010

Horrible experience. They botched much of the work they did and only with threat of a law suit did they begin to honor their warranty policy. Now there is still one item they installed that never worked and they refuse to return my emails. They've also taken information out of context in our emails and a friend of theirs is using that to bad mouth me to others. Seems they believe being "Good" is a matter of forcing their opinion and closing their eyes to their own failings. You can see pictures of the "work" they did on flickr here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/chip_let/ Stay far far away from these "Bad" guys.

In response to their response, they misrepresent the facts. They have not finished the warranty work. After they led me to believe they would I took the truck to them to leave so they could do the work at their convenience. They refused and threatened me. Their depiction of the emails is false. They took a partial statement out of context from one and attempted to use that to show me to the Better Business Bureau as threatening. Being "good" is not a matter of who forces their opinion the most.

LOL, you can look at the pictures linked to above to determine for yourself whether or not those were "aesthetic" concerns. I suggest taking everything they state as questionable. Heck, question my statements too. I do find you are taking great risk in trusting any work to them from what I have experienced. The email I sent from three or four accounts, is short and congenial, seeking to get the last of the warranty work done before a storm hit our area. It is short and sweet.

The windshield was not cracked before. When I picked up the truck it was filthy so that i did not notice the crack until washing it a couple days later. Chips at the crack site came off in my hand which showed it was very recent. In one of the few times they did respond to my emails I agreed that I could not prove the damage to the windshield was from them but rather, possibly, during my drive back to my home. That is a non-issue except that they misinform that it was there when they received the truck. The last issue I wanted addressed is the level sender unit which has never worked as far as I can tell, it always shows full despite the tank being drained a couple times since then. I haven't used the external tank for a while because I lost the cap which is a non-standard size. I've contacted them numerous times for the simple information of the specs. on that cap and they have never replied. BTW, they never called me back after I sent the short and sweet request and then called them, which one should think would have been possible within the hours I gave them to do so. They suggested that they would do the warranty work by saying they needed to check their schedule first. When I did take the truck to them, I found a nice no time limit parking space before approaching the owner, chief mechanic and manager who was outside on the side walk. I detailed the conversation we had then in ongoing communications to the BBB and there was nothing threatening except for the sole owner/managers response.

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Reply from Good Guys Diesel -  goodguysdieselJanuary 31, 2011 09:51

We did address all of this customers aesthetic concerns and spent 2 days fixing all of these aesthetic concerns. The system was functioning properly and there were no concerns at this time regarding functionality. This customer sent us multiple harassing/threatening emails from multiple accounts as well as continued to talk poorly about us even after we addressed his aesthetic concerns.

In response to the second paragraph above...First off, we have never caused this customer damage in any way shape or form. After emailing us multiple times from different email accounts this customer called the shop and I told him our schedule was full and we would need to get back to him. The customer then showed up a few hours later (after being told we did not have any appointments available) trying to drop his truck off. We did not in away lead the customer to believe he could drop his truck off that day. I had stated I needed to call him back.

**Customer’s initial concerns sent via email, “1. Before leaving Santa Cruz the extra tank level gauge and fuel system switch being held on with adhesive backed velcro fell off. (AESTHETIC AND FIXED)
2. The fuel pump mounted on the firewall and on all the time for both diesel and WVO operation puts a loud squealing noise into the cab. (AESTHETIC AND FIXED)
3. The trailer hitch that was left on the truck suggests it was used to move things without consulting me which I would not have allowed due to the sensitive state of the transmission. (USED TO HELP STABILIZE TRUCK ON LIFT, NOT TO TOW)
4. WVO was spilled in the bed during your possession which I had to clean up. (DID NOT PUT WVO IN TRUCK)
5. Something was moved in the bed of the truck that had sharp edges that shaved off a lot of the plastic liner as well as cut it deeply. (WE PLACED NOTHING IN THE TRUCK BED)
6. During your possession the front windshield got cracked on the lower passenger's side, in a manner that will most likely spread and compromise the integrity of the whole windshield fast. (WINDSHEILD WAS CRACKED WHEN IT ARRIVED IN OUR POSSESSION/ OR BECAME CRACKED DURING DRIVE HOME/ DID NOT HAPPEN IN OUR POSSESSION)” Which he states above that his concerns were not aesthetic…Plus these concerns were addressed above and beyond his concern with much attention to appearance and detail.
**Please see link to view pictures of customers concerns that were addressed. http://s15.photobucket.com/albums/a385/trueraycer/T_L%20Truck%20Pics/
**Regardless of a rainstorm coming or not I still stated to the customer that I needed to call him back before he could bring his truck in as I did not have any openings.

As I stated above I told the customer I needed to phone him back. He showed up approx 3 hours after which didn't give me enough to call him back, as we were very busy that day. So stating that I didn't call him back is unfair, especially since I gave the customer no indication I would have an opening that day. I actually stated to him we were booked the rest of the week. I agree that the customer was non threatening with our communication through BBB but I was also non threatening in our communications. Prior to the BBB communications this customer was threatening and mean spirited in his emails, which is the reason we stand where we are today.