GMC Rally Wagon 1500 Repair and Maintenance

A guide to problems, costs, maintenance and repair for your GMC Rally Wagon 1500

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GMC Rally Wagon 1500 Problems

Flush brake fluid every 60,000 miles

Our technicians recommend flushing the brake fluid every 60,000 miles.  Brake fluid that is dirty may cause problems in the brake system.

Service transmission every 30,000 miles
Our technicians highly recommend that the transmission is serviced every 30,000 miles to avoid problems and maintain optimal operating order.
Alternator May Fail and Cause Noise and Dead Battery

The alternator may fail causing the battery to go dead. The charge light on the dash may or may not illuminate. The alternator may also develop an abnormal noise. A failed alternator will require replacement.

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GMC Rally Wagon 1500 Questions

PO466 (1 answer)

How soon will I bring to the mechanic with the CodePO466.

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