Car still runs, but afraid to cause more problems with driving the car. No error or diagnostic codes show up even with a scan done. I did change rims without tire sensor monitors so that light stays lit on the dash of course. Passenger side headlight became intermittent so I put in a new light, put new taillight bulbs in 2 sockets that were blown out.

we just bought this used and have just tried to use the 4 wheel drive for the first time today but it would not engage. what would be the most common problems i should be looking into that would not let it engage. We don't have any diagnostic codes yet but we should have them in a few hours.

drivers side

Hi I would like to know how to remove the inside front passenger door trim on my 2008 yukon to access the auto door lock mechanisim.I had to get 3 out of four replace and I am tired of paying each time. This item should have been a recall but they tell me it is not since I am over the 30000 km. Much appreciated. Joe Desormeaux