2004 GMC Yukon XL 1500 Questions

Answered 2004 GMC Yukon XL 1500 Questions

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I lost power to driver side door I haven't checked fuse yet or is this another problem and what fuse goes to the door it was just working
I've reset actuators and it blows heat out of front for 2seconds then blows cold air new water pump thermostat bled air out I've had the dash out I just can't seem to figure it out it acts like the ac is on but its no...
it's throwing a misfire cylinder 1 code A knock sensor bank 1 code and and injector circuit code and is also throwing a shift solenoid B code I have no idea where to start the diagnosis never heard of it losing all fu...
When you turn on the A/C, the driver's side get cold air and the passenger side blows out hot air like the heat is on.
Gas tank is pressurized when refueling. Have replaced gas caps with auto store and oem. Replaced fuel tank air filter. Nothing works so far.
it has a hole in it got the lines off and dropped the tank
All the warning lights and dingers come on, but the braking system is working fine, fluid is fine. A friend Put it on the scanner and it said bad abs control module. I'm just wondering more about the "service stabilit...
4 wheel low does not work. Go back to 2 or 4 high and im ok there. Whats up. Its just 4 wheel low that doesn't work
When hitting significant bumps at speeds 40-70 my door locks will unlock and lock back, my AC COMPRESSOR will kick off, my cruise will kick off, and various warning lights on my cluster will stay on (traction, abs, br...
uses about 1 qt per tank of gas on hwy. This veh has no PVC valve to plug up. No sign of leaking oil. No engine noise. Has been serviced regularly. Was bought new and not mistreated.
put in new battery & light is still on & alternator is new. truck runs rough too. any ideas?