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During rapid acceleration, engine initially stalls, then accelerates. Is it bad fuel, dirty fuel filter, or what? I can't find common agreement that the 2005 gmc has a fuel filter.
It will stay on max 80 for 20-30 seconds, then drop to 0 for 10-15 seconds, and keep repeating this pattern. Engine light has come on as well.
All of sudden while driving yesterday I heard a loud grinding noise and thought maybe the driver wheel had popped off...after stopping the wheel was still on but when I put the truck back in gear to drive it makes a v...
and also the evaporater canister if I should have to replace it also. please send me picture digram thank you
air ride control system light is on
Been taving problems with loss of power at certain times while driving.
I have not checked the manual yet, but assume it may be her tire pressure light. Can you confirm?
My 2005 yukon rear window wiper will sometime go up about a foot and other times it dosent work at all. It will always go down once it comes up.
just to check to verify rear was not working, i jacked up vehicle and put in gear. only front tires do the work.
seems like this should be a recall
AC blows cool on passenger and rear but not drivers side.