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u turn on the vehicle put it in drive, about a mile into driving it starts to lose power and u have to slowly release gas peddle until it catches speed, but as soon as u try to push in gas alittle more, speed goes dow...
and the truck goes into neutral and i have to shut the truck off in order for the truck to go into gear, sometimes in goes into first gear and i have to shut it off again and the engine light goes off
The left side windows of the truck work fine but the right side will not go down.
Is there a gasket between the manifold and the exhaust pipe, as when I hold the tailpipe it will stop. Generally makes noise when I first start the truck and sometimes when it is just idling.
The other day I was driving my truck and I was attempting to assist a friend stuck in ice by pulling him out. When I got there I was unable to put my truck in 4WD. The button signals that it is attempting to and I c...
I hear a clicking from under dash with HVAC on or off and in any setting
AC/Heat control only works in high setting is changing it best way to go thanks
It happens always in heat and cool mode thanks for any input and thanks for your time
We bought a GMC sierra 2500HD a montha go, low miles. The check engin light has came on a few times and disappeared after a day or so. The we got off of it was P0301. I changed the spark plugs with Irriduim plugs an...
I have replaced t-stat and coolant temp. senser and pigtail and light is still on. It came on while working in sacramento,had diagnostic ran and drove home with no diff.in performance. Did repairs myself and light is ...
was driving when speedometer got stuck @ 30 mph. Also my tacometer has been stuck a 6000 rpms for about a year, yet occasionally it works
is it ok ok to use soyshield lubricity in my diesel fuel.
driving my truck home last night and the check engine light came on and my turbo stopped working! any suggestions?
i am trying to match the wiring harness for my stock radio unit to my adapter plug for my after market head unit. what i need to know is the description of each terminal of the factory plug. my truck has extended cab...