2001 GMC Sierra 2500 HD Questions

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Drove truck few mile light stayed on. Started it to drive to mechanic, light went out as expected. Following starts Light stays on truck starts and runs fine. Mechanic checked both batteries, claims they are good. Th...
I have put A crate engine into this vehicle and now the transmission will not switch to 4th gear. When driving 55-60 my Rpm's are around 2500-3000. When I left off the gas it acts like it upshifts. But when I apply th...
Everything seems to be working except the starter. No clicking or any other noises from it.
they get so tight i have to stop and open the zerks to releave presure, thats normal driving, but comming to a stop i but it in nutrial and use brakes they seem to not lock up so soon
i got my truck washed today and they locked the keys in it after using a slim jim we got into the truck with no problem but now the service ngine soon light and the decreased engine power light is on does anyone know ...
passenger side air is hot no matter where control is set.
changed the plugs wires and fuel filter air filter is clean and no check engine light
it wants to stall when i come to a stop. no check engine light came on but put a code reader on it and came up misfire in cylinder #4
What is the most likely cause of my left Brake Light going out after about three days of replacing the bulb. Has happened four times.
low coolant is constant. I have plenty of coolant in tank. I replaced the recovery tank, but light is still on.
My brake light and ABS light keep coming on intermitantly, not all the time. I was told it is the module and needs to be replaced. Where is it located on my truck?
what part do i need to remove on 2001 gmc sierra durimax 2500 to get to water pump
I found a 2005 GMC 3500 dully rear end I want to know if it will go under my 2500 HD 4x4 will the rear end gears be the same
position indicator light works sporadic on steering column, sometimes works fine. When it don't, the tranny stays in 2nd gear & wont change upon takeoff. I have been told to replace the neutral saftey switch, but I do...