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I lose coolant frequently but I have no leaks,I also lose oil with no leaks.
Will run on either.gas gauge reads empty with full tank.fuel pump won't run. No signal to fuel injectors. Ran fine turned off 5 min later no run. Gas gauge was working, now not. New fuel pump done, no luck. Fuel pump ...
just happened while on dirt road - no diagnostic codes show. Good fuel pressure
I have a 2005 gmc sierra truck and sometimes when I go to start it the truck will not start. It is not the battery because everything comes on and the windows will roll up and down. If it doesn't start and I let it...
I replaced the cycling switch in the accumulator because a/c would blow hot air on driver's side. Still does it and now a/c blower set on high. Blows high then blows real low for a few seconds and jumps back to high. ...
i been try to change the brake line an a buddy of mine there a block it go into it but i cant find it on a 05 GMC sierra 1500 Z71 SLE can ya'll tell me where it location on the truck
The truck has 33289km. I've had it since new. Always taken really good care of. This would be the first engine trouble I've had. Please help.
i have a GMC sierra 1500 I've change the switch twice an change the actuator three time an am still getting the service 4wd message i check online to find the answer an it's the the same thing change the actuator
and the actuator three time an it still not responceing when am drive an the service 4wd message is coming up
At times my speedometer is stuck between 10 and 40 mph when I haven't started moving and when driving moves slowly. other time it's fine or at least I think. It is starting to get worse. I was cited for doing 80 mph w...
My truck was in shop to repair exhaust manifold leak and battery went dead. They left key in ignition. They recharged it but now the trans shifts hard 1st to 2nd.
i use it to work and travel with out a problem but the speedometer arrow won't move from 0, i use my cellphone speedometer app to know how fast i am going, what can be wrong?
when i put gas in the feature that tells me how many more miles i can travel is always wrong. It will read 120 miles left, and I travel 10 miles and am out of gas.