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It only stayed on for a second and when right off, and hasn't been on since. I was switching from 4WD...to LO...to HIGH to see if the light would come on, but it has not displayed again. Wondering if I have anything...
The auto daylight switch appears to have quit working at same time the chimes kept sounding. When truck stops, like at a stop sign, chimes stop. When moving forward, chimes sounds non stop.Any ideas ?
I would light to know if there is a LED package that can be purchased to replace the burnt sockets of the daytime running lights. I know about the the replacement bulbs 4114. Does it really work?
Please tell me more and about the Electric A.I.R injector reactor?Someone said replace o2 sensor(not)Thanks:)
Y-split at water pump broke and had to buy the hose assembly.
2001 GMC Sierra extended Cab V-8 4.8 4wd 4 door I was told the line is in sad shape and will not get an inspection sticker this time around. Just looking for a rough figure.
loud intermitent screeching noise when starting and driving
a constent intermitent loud screeching noise while starting and driving
I cannot get my truck out of park with the motor running. I must turn the truck off and then shift to neutral and then restart before I can shift into drive. What has happened? Thanks