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my 6 month old 4L60 trany (still under warranty) acts as though it's slipping going into 2nd. It does not do it from a stop. Only when I slow down below 20mph then accelerate. I contacted the manufacturer and they sai...
the fuel pump continue to release gas into the motor, over flooding the spark plug with gas and the piston chambers with gas when the truck is turn of within a certain amount of time. ( for instance when sitting over...
Motor has no oil pressure
When I'm accelerating it bogs out at 45 mph ideas on what to do?
First flushed the heater core and changed the thermostat heat worked for a few hours then stopped.. Just a bit ago changed filters and circuit board worked for an hour! All doors are opening as should it's just blowin...
the 4wd electric switch shows no indication of which it is in (im guessing 2wd). i have replaced the switch and actuator, neither was the problem. im running out of ideas, is there something i am not thinking of.
Does not matter load, road, temp condition. If you keep a heavy foot into it past 50 its ok. If you let off to cruise between 40-50 it does it. If you set cruise in that range it seems to keep enough idel to not be as...
Were did the experts go
Motor Boggs during takeoff and motors at 2500rpms until after 2nd gear then It has take off power
You can spray starting fluid in it and it will Start right up. After you do that it runs fine.
There are no other codes.Also the fuel gauge does not read correctly,sending unit?Key(ignition)switch problem???LOL!
does it go under the hood or dash, the heat is on all the time & I think it is because the actuater is not closing the heater doors ?