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started out of the blue and is loping more than not???
The Dome lights work but the Digital Display is out..what (if any) fuse would this be..no mention of fuse for this in Owners manual!
My back door window hatch lock stopped working. so I replace the fuse and now when I replace it it sparks and burns before i get it in. now the door locks only work with remote access key chain. and some times when th...
Have excessive voltage drain at 50a "batt fuse" under hood. Wire tracks to under dash to convenience center. It is near impossible to pull connectors from blocks on convenience center so am looking for identificatio...
How do you set the timing on a 2000 GMC Safari
All new front and rear brake assemblies and the brakes grab terribly with minor pressure on the brake pedal. Any ideas why it grabs so bad and yet the brake obviously work?