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Weather related? Began after an intense, Ohio Spring downfall. It hasn't rained in a few days and it is still running rough.
transfer case has been replaced since then,all u joints good too
I was driving down the highway and was about to get off an exit when the steering wheel got hard to turn, the ABS light went off and the low fuel light went off as well. i just filled up my car an hour before this. I ...
i have the dash out i cant find all the bolts to take the heater core black box out off of the firewall so i can change the heater core
I just got this '99 Jimmy and am not familiar with it. However, the 4WD buttons push in and light up ok. It's just the it doesn't go into 4WD.
It seems to be flooded. Will start after giving it gas and trying multiple times.
i am not sure if it is a fuse or the motor because we have had trouble with the driver side not working before but not the passanger sid if it is a fuse do i need to replace it and where is this fuse box located
how can i fix that with out costing both arms and legs
I am unable to turn my air conditioner on after noticing that I also have no second gear in my automatic transmission
when it runs ok you hear the a/c compressor kicking on and off
just had my 2 front tires replaced and had it aligned