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Check engine light came on. Ran the scanner and got the codes p1083 and p1084. Engine idles rough, hesitates slightly. Temp on catalytic converter read hotter in front than in back. Had spark plugs and wires repla...
the engine in my 98 gmc 4.3l jimmy is toast. want to know what other year engine will fit perfect.
Will left over engine flush that contains kerosene cause a dropp in oil pressure due to thinning of the oil? If so what can I use to make sure all engine flush is out before I put more oil in my 1998 GMC jimmy?
As far as I can tell the Blue Devil worked in my 1998 GMC Jimmy 4.3L v6. However, a family member flushed my radiator as a favor to me, It slipped my mind to tell him, I did not know he was going to flush radiator. ...
How can I loosen a stuck oil plug in my 1998 Gmc Jimmy 4.3l V6?
There is tan sludge coming from radiator and reservior, I was told it is a "blown head gasket"? I need to know what equipment I need to purchase to keep the cost down to repair? Also, what can I use to free a stuck o...
can you help me find the left front bank 1 sensor 1
The driver seat will not move on any direction,the switch located on the left side of the seat was fine with no problem. What do I need to check for? PS I did look under the seat and the wires are connected, what else...
I was wondering when replacing my engine what is the average repair time and labor charges.
There is a loud squeak that comes from the front end of my truck with driving,even worse over bumps. I've replaced all the bushings except for the lower ball joints. And idea what it could be?
the coolant was thick a dark brown in coler
the front rotor will not move. I was doing a brake service and attempted to remove the rotor. Also the driver side rear tire will not come off the axle. How can i remove these without causing damage to my vehichle?
replaced head gaskets and now the engine is making a knocking noise from the top of the engine, hard to start rough idle , exhaust leaking I need a list of everything that could cause these problems????????
I have a problem getting my truck to crank I put new dist cap, module, crank sensor, and fuel filter, and I found a blown fuse with a red wire connected to it
my four wheel drive is stuck on will not disengage