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treaded ? Book says hold pump pulley then remove ,but how? thanks for HELP!!!
I did replace the tie rod ends but does not seem to help
Air flows to all areas when control knobs are turned. No change in air temp, heat is going to the core.
That's what a Firestone dealer said. Also that if not done the wheels and/or engine could fall off while driving or even when parked from the weight. Is that true? Can it be driven at all before fixed or is that no...
Last week i went to start my 98 Jimmy and when it turned over it idled really low then idle really high then low and then high then it usually cuts out and dies also smell gas while itd doing this... have any idea whe...
Is there any way to check and see if a fuel injector is bad
I am assuming it is cutting off the fuel does all of the info above relate to the entire column being replaced ??? Assuming the column is in perfect working order I have the security light come on solid and then after...
Basically my wipers work when they want to. They will start up just fine, but than they'll start to slow down and than completely stop. You can hear a grinding sound when they start to slow down. The wiper motor was r...
I will crank the truck to get started but it will not fire up, i have had a tune up completed, fuel injector cleaner. To start the truck i need to spray starter fluid into the Carburetor.
the spider needs to be replaced
I was told my Jimmy has a floating suspension. When hitting a common bump it sways back n forth (side to side), everyone in the truck, heads will bobble back n forth, what is the best way to fix this, and how much can...
Will a 98 Oldsmobile bravada hood fit a 98 gmc jimmy?
mechanic says one injector is plugged...i want to do it myself