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when you are sitting still it blows out cold as soon as you get to going down the road it starts blowing warm air what would cause this the air up front blows out really cold i checked and made sure the switch was mov...
The rear wiper and pump were working until one day the rear lift gate light came on while the gate was closed and locked. I lifted and closed the tailgate, which got the light to shut off, but then the rear wiper and...
When my radio shuts off my gages quit and my security light my service 4 wheel drive light comes on and my battery light along with check engine light what could this be?
What could be wrong with suspension system because it does come up some time and when it is low the ride is very bumpy
Though it seems to not get pass second gear. Not sure if it's my 4wd or transmission. It sounds very rough this car usually rides smooth and quiet. Any suggestions? taking to mechanic this weekend I don't want to driv...
It happens when I go forward or backwards feels like the tire is sticking abs and ebrake lite came on once only for short time
Changed fuel pump relay switch had wiring & crankshaft repaired by GMC DEALER it work for three weeks now it want start
Drove it a few miles but when I tapped my brakes in traffic I could not reset the cruise?