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There was a shop that told me on my vehicle I had to get someone to flash it because a new fan would not spin or turn until it was flashed and programmed for my vehicle
defroster. No air coming out of dash vents at any speed. Do the vent doors work off of vaccum or electric?
I'VE been told it could be a exhaust leak there is no issues so far with the way it's drives runs good and drives Well just changed oil and oil filter as Well as transmission and fuel filters.. it only has 134000 mil...
changed battery, light still on gauges dont work anymore car dont start anymore
is it a fuse that could be out.
My car leaks when it rains if it is on level ground. If I park uphill it doesn't leak. Water comes through the onstar buttons or the driver visor screw.
Mistakenly told it was rack & pinion. luckily transmission fluid almost ran out before the repair date. So the leak was trans fluid not steering fluid as diagnosed. What line is leaking?
I was accelerating onto high way heard twing noise and now space shuttle taking off
The steering locked up and when I poured fluid in the resevoir it immediately leaked out.
i changed the crankshaft and camshaft position sensors and still has a rough idle so i was thinking timing jumped or the cam shaft actuator it keeps throwing codes for crank and cam shaft position sensor
It blows almost immediately when replaced and smell something burning. Have been told wiring harness has to be replaced but cannot find correct part
I was driving into work and I noticed a very strong smell of gas but I did not see any gas underneath the vehicle but as soon as I started driving that was it all the gas leaked out.