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My son bought a gmc 2002 Envoy yesterday from McCurry Motors yesterday in Athens, Alabama. Today they came back home and the key would not come out of the switch. They tried turning the steering wheel, stepping on the...
The outside temp has to be in the 20s before my heater will come on, and the defrost. I let my car warm up a half hour before driving it in winter
When it dose not crank over or make any nose the rpm gauge is jumping up and down
Starting about a year ago, my 2002 Envoy began to idle very roughly when in drive. Once the engine warms up to the normal operating temperature, the rough idle stops. It idles smoothly when in park or neutral, even...
at cold start up the engine sounds like a Diesel for few minute ,when it warms up it is quietes down. Also when exelerates,have this grinding noise,sounds like a bad bearring .At warm idling,very quiet
there is parking lights on the front and right side but not the left side door or back there is turn signal but no parking lights. help
My car has went through 3 encoder motors in the last 2yrs. The last one being an actually gmc product. What should I look at that could be causing this?
Slow getting up to speed at times. This has just started in the last 2 days. Pulling into drive yesterday and it acted like it was going to die. There aren't any warning lights on.
If it is behind the RF head light, i have removed 3 screws and it feels very loose, but won't come off and i don't want to break something forceing it. Is there some trick in getting it off? Also removing the key ca...
can you switch to coil springs without the EBM ?
I had an oil change, brake pads replaced and a stabilizer link replaced on Friday. Saturday when I went out to the garage there was a strong gas/chemical odor (but no leak or fluid I could see). I drove less than 40 m...
It tries to start but wont engage the box under my hood on the motor that has 3 sections has also now developed a clicking sound when trying to turn over but after pump & filter replacement its still not getting fuel ...
It worked but every setting resulting in the air or heat coming out of the defrost vents.