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I try jumping and using ether but still won't start. Been an ongoing problem, and was getting worse over the last few months. I started by having to jump it, then jumping plus ether. Used to be the problem was in...
There is no visible water on the ground and there is black smoke and then white smoke blowing out the back.
engin warm driving on road, stop at light engine rough, take off gain speed engine smooths out. put injector cleaner in gas, no help after 25 miles.
i check the fuses and bulbs are ok have 4 ways and turn signals email mcramer813@comcast.net
1999 Single wheel 3500, 7.4 L , 4 wheel drive, Drum rear, disk front. Front brakes need attention every 5,000 miles or so. I don't think I'm getting any braking from the rear wheels so the front disks do all the stopp...