1999 GMC 3500 Pickup Questions

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There is good fuel pressure. is there a fuse that can cause it not to start?
The comp is not throwing any codes, and I've replaced the plugs, wires, distributor, the electronic ignition switch, o2 sensor, crank sensor, cam sensor, fuel filter, air filter, and checked the fuel pump. I'm out of ...
blown 454 engine being removed. putting in a 350 tbi . what equipment should be transferred to make this work? engine & computer ? just have to figure out how to wire computer for the 350 tbi into the truck right?
I can not find the orifice tube on my 1999 gmc k 3500 anybody know thanks
I need to know where TFImodule is to replace
truck stalls and re-starts 10 minutes later.is this the filter or pump and how do i figure out which?
ill be driving down the road and it will die and there will read gas in the tank. but the fuel pumps are not coming on
changed ..porportion valve & mastercylender checked rear hose(ruber)butafter pulling it off dosent look bad should i chang hose or am overlooking somthing? when i slam on the brakes back wheels stay tight untill i tap...