GM motor compatibility on 1996 Chevrolet Cavalier

i want to take a chevy cobalt, or cavalier. or a Pontiac sunfire and drop a GM 3.1 or 3.8 in it, my coworkers say it should bolt right up to the transmission and a few engine control parts ( ecm, ignition ext..)

What im asking what years of vehicle and motors will work for this project ?

any eng can fit in any car if you have enough money
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wow...that is a engine swap
My question is why? The Cobalt Ecotec 4 has more hp. Why do all that work. If you want more power go whole hog with a V/8, it will be about the same amount of work.
cause i want to, if i put a V8 in it i will have to redo the drivetrain tranny back to the rear axle, i want to keep the front wheel drive and have it look like its a stock coup, so its not expected to have more power than an I4, if i put a v8 in it i would have to do a custom hood.

The goal is a stock looking coup, that has more power than its expected too
Go ahead but the footprint is not even close! What ever floats your boat do it! How strict are the inspections
where you plan to drive? Or do you have to get it approved?
i would have to get approval from the health department but as long as the motor burns clean as OE, or within legal requirements they are ok with it
I see Provo Ut. cool. Just do some mods. to the 4 banger. Be surprised how much power is in there!
I guess it is pretty laid back there in Utah huh?
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