MY 1995 LUMINA-SEDAN 3.1l v6 engine at idling, recently starts to intermittenly stall with metalic clicking noise from the front of the engine around power steering pump, water pump or so. I have not been able to pinpoint it yet.
The noise sounds almost like solenoid clicking, but louder.
After the noise stops, the engine's RPM slightly moves up (like when the A/C compressor turn off). No error codes show up from OBD scanning. Also, this may be related: while driving at constant steady accelerator about 2000RPM, the engine RPM intermittenly surged and dropped, out of control.

The water pump is about 8 month new, but the power steering pump has about 130K miles or more, of usage; and the engine is rebuilt with about 8 month of driving.
Thank you for your assistance in advance!

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Remove the drive belt, start engine, noise gone then? And is the check engine light on?
I can remove the drive belt, no problem. However, the problem, metalic clicking noise & engine's stalling, occurs randomly and rarely at this stage; I had to idling the engine for a long period of times before it happened. I guess it is at the initial stage of the problem. No engine light is on. Can any guesses be made at this point? or a way to stir up the problem? Thank you for your replies for help on my old chevy!
This is something that needs to be seen and heard by a trained tech./mechanic! This engine is known to have some rocker arm problems with high mile:age!
The engine is a rebuilt one, with about 7k-8k milage! Also the clicking noise is not matching the engine RPM, I believe! Can it also be other issues? thank you!