glow plugs on 2006 Ford F-250 Super Duty

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have a 2006 f250 6.0 liter diesel. The engine light came on. They said glow plug number 3 is bad. they want to replace one plug for $206. I paid $190 for diagnostic. So i asked them, since one is bad maybe i should replace all of them and then i asked them for the cost. so to do all 8 glow plugs $406. now they called me back hours after giving me the original estimate saying that while changing the glow plug or all 8 plugs the mechanic might break the 2 housing terminals on the engine while changing the glow plugs and if he does break them then ill be responsible for paying the cost of the "possible" breakage . that added another $230 to price for "possible breakage. Is this normal? and if they break it since it aint broken now, shouldnt they be responsible for it? so for one glow plug installed is $440 plus diagnostic charge?
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I hope someone more experienced with Ford diesels sees this question. I can see your concern that something isn't now broken why are you being told you may have to pay for something that may break, but after over 30 years of fixing cars I think they were being honest with you. Yes they should be diligent and careful not to brake anything but there are so many plastic things in engine compartments now that heat cycle and get brittle and do break even no matter how careful you are.
The harnesses are brittle to begin with. It's possible that the harness is the cause in the first place. Glow plugs themselves do not typically fail regularly or commonly on these motors.

Great question, great answer from Patrick. The techs you are employing are just trying to share the risk factor going into it. Unfortunately, with anything mechanical or electrical - you only know how things are going to go by attempting the repair. With the experience these guys apparently have, they have been down the road of broken terminals before, and are using this opportunity to forewarn you.

Good luck!