give me specefic parts on which diagnostic code p2008 & p2015 on 2008 Audi A4 Quattro

check engine occur just today so i want to know what happen so i attanch my diagnostic apparatus it happen the number show p2008 & 2015

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Tests/Procedures: 1. With a factory compatible scan tool, read the coding, part number and software level of Address Word 01-Engine Master.

2. Compare ECM information with the table listed in TSB# 24-08-13 (Audi) or TSB# 01-08-12 (VW). Vehicle may need to go to the dealership to get the ECM updated to a higher level.

AS you can see it is way beyound your code reader. Search out a good Audi tech.

3. If the ECM has already been updated, verify free movement of the actuator arm on the IMRC and the runner inside of the manifold.

4. Enter Address Word 01-Engine Master and select Function 03-Output Diagnostic Test Mode (DTM). Run actuators and verify that the IMRC can be heard and moves.

5. Enter Address Word 01-Engine Master and select Function 04-Basic Settings. Select Display Group 142 and activate the IMRC basic settings. Test is completed when the 4th field shows "ADP.OK".

6. If fault continues to persist, replace IMRC motor.