Getting whining sound in park and at low speeds, gets louder when I turn wheels. on 2003 Dodge Grand Caravan

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This has occurred for over 3 years and is constant, except can't hear it at high speeds. Sometimes when I turn car on, noise is gone but then comes back after few minutes in idle. Sound will stay while driving low speeds.
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POSSIBLE ; Dirty (restricted) reservior (fluid tank) screen is a common problem, or seems to be at the shop. Replace it or remove, clean and reinstall. If not equipped to do so, have a repair shop do this, plus flush the system.
This causes pump whine due to slow fluid return back to the pump. Is the steering wheel hard to turn at any time?
It never is hard to turn.
That is a good thing! No pump damage,, yet! You might want to look into getting that fluid tank cleaned out and system flushed.
it getting louder when you turn the steering wheel leads me to belive there is a propblem with you power steering system. Start by checking the power steering fluid level. If you don't know how to do this you can simply read your owners manual or take it to a parts store such as autozone and they would happily check it for you. You can also take it to the shop you get your oil changed at and request that they check it. If they want to keep your business they will check it and top it off for no fee. Most places will check and top it off during an oil change.
What specifically about the power steering system could it be? Is there a diagnostic test for this?