2003 BMW 325i Q&A

2003 BMW 325i Question: getting no fuel,how do I know if fuel filter is clogged,or fuel pump is out or

could it be a fuel pressure regulater ,I do hear a hum at the engine when I turn key on but do not hear a hum at the tank.i poured gas in the intake and it started right up -
Answer 1
ck fuel pressure at eng if fuel pump is needed repl filter at the same time -
Comment 1
I pressed on the little air valve looking thing on the fuel rail and no fuel came out -
Comment 2
then your fuel pump ids either no good or it is a clogged filter. sometimes they will run but no pressure. good test remove engine side of filter and turn key to run don't start, and have a pail handy if no fuel it could be the filter then try the other side. of course some vehicles don't have one in line -