getting hot on 1997 Plymouth Grand Voyager

my van gets hot when i turn on ac done pulled thermastat run good with out air on turn on ac loose a lot of power

by in El Paso, TX on June 14, 2011
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ANSWER by on June 14, 2011
removing the thermostat will damage the engine. it must be there and functioning. i would check the cooling fan for failure. i would also recommend a shop to do a coolant diag to pin point your issue before you damage your motor. Roy
COMMENT by on June 14, 2011
i put in new fans why only when ac on takes about 15 mins then turn off ac cools right down
COMMENT by on June 14, 2011
you may have a blown head gasket. a leak down test from a shop will verify. Roy
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R could it be crankshaft sensor r something else I'm stumped i was driving my kids to school and it was running fine then it just cut off on me so I'm totally lost on what it could be so plz help me
A bad ground on the left frame rail can cause intermittent operation of the radiator cooling fans or AC compressor.
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