Getting hot on 1994 Pontiac Firebird

I am looking at a 94 firebird formula with the v8 LT1 motor. I noticed the other day sitting at the drive through at mcdonalds that the temp rose up to about 220-230 what could this be? Intake manifold? The low coolant light on the dash stays on all the time, but it has plenty of coolant.

by in Alcoa, TN on April 15, 2009
1 answer
ANSWER by on April 15, 2009
I would say it is not to unusual for the engine temp to get in the 200-230 range after an extended time idling. The coolant fans do not normally come on until the temp is about 225. As long as the coolant level is full and the temp is not in the red zone you should be ok. A faulty coolant level sensor could be the cause of the low coolant light staying on.
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