getting codes p0172,p0175,p0449 on 2009 Chevrolet Silverado 1500

I was getting all 3 codes p0172,p0175,p0449. I put on a new vent valve solenoid and that fixed the p0449 code. I'm still getting codes p0172,p0175 and as it gets colder outside it is getting harder to start in the morning or after it has cooled off completly. But starts fine after its started once. Really cant afford to put in the shop right now so any help would be appreciated.

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Those are Lean codes. Could be several reason for the cause of them. The main thing is your ECM is not seeing your not getting enough fuel. The hard start when cold makes me consider your fuel system is not maintaining fuel pressure to the injectors. Try cycling your key a couple of times to run and off, or some newer pickups the pump will not activate until you crank the engine. In that case, just crank the engine a couple of seconds, then let off the start momentarily and listen for the pump to cycle a couple of times to see if the engine starts quicker than just cranking constantly until it starts. If this works for you, replace the fuel pump.
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