2005 Ford Taurus Q&A

2005 Ford Taurus Question: getting code P0300 - car makes a whirring noise and shuts down at any speed

all lights in dash flash, after it cuts off will start back up and run for another mile or two -
Answer 1
po300 is random misfires which could be several issue seek a diag and est -
Answer 2
I'm living this nightmare right now.Tried to limp home after being stranded on the LIE on Friday at rush hour in 90+ degree weather-couldn't make it,so needed a pricey tow.The mechanic first diagnosed it as a crankshaft sensor.The car left me a second time-this time he says it's a bad coil module.Intemittently losing spark.No sputter-just dies instantly,and will restart after it sits for a while. Update: Not the coil-the problem still there after a new coil..He's a bit stumped-thinks it's the connection from the harness to the crank sensor.Scan still indicates faulty sensor.He doctored the connection-fingers are crossed. -